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Cornish Holiday Hampers

Quality Cornish Hampers

Medium & Large

Why not go the extra mile and welcome your guests with one of our Cornish Hampers delivered to your holiday home ready for their arrival!

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5.00 out of 5

Pricing starting at:£14.95


Medium Hamper

  • Simply Cornish biscuits
  • X1 Strawberry Clotted Cream (x1 Box)
  • X1 Chocolate Chip (x1 Box)
  • X2 Hot Chocolate Spoon
  • X1 Chocolate Cornish Pasty

Large Hamper

  • Simply Cornish biscuits
  • X1 Roddas Fudge (Chern tin) x1
  • Roddas Shortbread ( Chern tin) x2
  • Kernow Hot Chocolate Spoons x1
  • Fish and Chips Crisps
  • x1 Cornish Pasty Crisps
  • x1 Apple Juice
  • x1 Cloudy Lemonade
  • x1 Cornish Tea
  • X2 Cornish Jam X1 Raspberry
  • Chocolate X2 Sweet Cone

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